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Get Compensated for Your Accident Injuries

Accidents of all kinds occur on a daily basis all across the United States. Many of these accidents are minor, resulting in little to no damage or injury. However, countless incidents cause serious damage or personal injury that could result in expensive repairs and medical treatment. When this happens, it is vital for innocent victims to seek the help of a Bronx personal injury attorney and pursue compensation right away. Otherwise, he or she may suffer financial hardship as they try to pay for their accident-related expenses without the assistance of a personal injury case recovery. An accident can lead to many issues that may warrant seeking compensation.

Have your Questions Answered by an Injury Attorney

In any personal injury situation, a victim may be hesitant to jump into any legal process as numerous questions and concerns run through their head. If you are in this situation, perhaps you are thinking "Is an attorney necessary?" Or maybe you are unsure about your accident injuries and are wondering if you have a case. At Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law, we have the answers. Insurance companies are extremely hesitant to pay full coverage, even if your policy promises to do so. As a result, they will doubtlessly have legal representation to defend them in their attempt to minimize payout. A personal injury lawyer from our firm could help you determine whether you have a case and then build that case in order to firmly seek compensation. With more than 40 years of legal experience, our firm can handle any personal injury case and we have obtained results for clients with just about every type of situation.

NYC Personal Injury Practice Areas

Car accidents make up a large majority of personal injury claims, and our legal team is ready to help you no matter the situation. Whether you have been rear-ended, hit head-on, or been involved in any such accident as a result of a reckless, distracted, or drunk driver, we may be able to help. We also handle truck accidents caused by tired or drunk truck drivers, improper maintenance, dangerous roads, or improperly loaded trucks. Whatever the case, if you have suffered a traffic accident at the hands of another motorist, our firm could provide aggressive representation, not letting anything get in the way of finding results. Additionally, our firm handles other vehicle accidents such as bus accidents, pedestrian accidents and motorcycle accidents.

Another common cause of personal injury claims are slip and fall accidents. These are common workplace accidents and can result in serious physical damage, such as broken bones, back injuries, and brain injuries. Such injuries can cause permanent damage such as blindness or paralysis, so get medical attention right away and then contact a lawyer. With legal counsel and guidance, you could find out who was responsible for maintaining the floor or walkway where your accident occurred and hold them liable for your injury. These can fall in line with other forms of premises liability and if you believe a property owner was responsible, allow us to look over your case. Serious injuries can ensue and in some cases a wrongful death may result. We look to retain justice for family members of a lost loved one.

Protecting Victims and Families in the Bronx

Have you been involved in an animal attack and suffered a dog bite? Serious medical conditions can result, including infections, tetanus, and rabies. Make sure you get immediate treatment and have it paid for by the careless pet owner. Perhaps you have been injured by a product malfunction. We could help you get compensation in a product liability case, as well as for a defective product. Also, if you have suffered medical malpractice at the hands of a negligent or intentionally harmful medical professional, we will stop at nothing to see that justice is served. Thousands of individuals deal with nursing home abuse but have no one they feel they can turn to. If you or your loved one have been the victim of abuse, we are an advocate that wants to find just results for those that have been victimized.

Find a Personal Injury Attorney in the Bronx

Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law is a dedicated personal injury firm serving the New York City area. We pride ourselves in our aggressive determination to fight tirelessly for the rights of injured accident victims. If you have been in an accident, you shouldn't have to pay for damages and injuries that you did not cause. Our firm has more than 40 years of experience and we offer reasonable legal fees so that you don't have to worry about your finances. Learn more about our mission and our services by calling our offices as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to get the legal help that you need. Contact a Bronx personal injury lawyer from Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law Today.

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